To Limit The Spread of COVID-19


At Arithmetic we partner directly with proven and trusted manufactures who meet or exceed our extremely high standards of quality. We have over 30 years’ experience souring products around the world. We have spent years souring only trusted and reliable  manufactures. Expect the best and get the best with Arithmetic Medical.


Long before your products are ready to ship, we develop a comprehensive logistics plan that is specifically designed for your shipment. We make sure your products will not only arrive on time but in the same original condition. Global logistics can be difficult but rest assured that our team can handle any challenges related to exportation, importation and regulations.  



With have created deep rooted relationship globally for over 30 years that will get you the best quality at a fair price. There are no middlemen when working with us we work directly with the factory. This reduces costs and ensures a better-quality product. Our contracts are fixed priced and we stand behind our products. Expect the best and get the best at a fair price with Arithmetic Medical.



Time is of the essence in the battle with the COVID-19. We understand that lives are at stake and we make sure your products arrive on schedule. We have developed a logistic network that is second to none and will provide you with the fasted shipping available anywhere. For large orders we are able to partial ship so you get started while the balance of your order is being manufactured.



Arithmetic Medical provides the supplies and logistics to give not only medical care professional, but government agencies and citizens access to PPE gear to help stop the spread of the COVI 19 virus.


Our founder has been sourcing products globally for over 30 years and we know what it takes to get you what need with the quality you need and on time. 


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