Math History

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There have been many areas of Math History that emerged all over the world. In early times, there was no possibility of great mathematicians to compare concepts as they were located in various parts of the globe. However, Modern communication has changed the way that Math concepts are explored. The invention of the telephone as well as the Internet have made collaboration between scientists in this field much easier, with experts being able to debate and discuss theories without needing to travel tens of thousands of miles. Math History has certainly changed since its early beginnings. A person that would like to get involved in studying mathematical concepts can start at The website is a place where people can share ideas about current problems. In addition, the site also features a full history of this branch of science for those who would like to learn the evolution of the subject.

In the early times, most of the Math History began in the Near East area of the world. The earliest texts that have been found describing Math concepts are dated to the Babylonian times. As early as 1900 B.C., mathematicians of this era were looking at how the field could be used to understand the world around them. Egyptian mathematicians were also active at this time and later writings can be found in the historical texts of Egypt. The use of the Arabic language allowed the thinkers of this time to share their information and develop a consistent theory of mathematical concerns in the region. While these beginnings were enough to set a foundation for the study of Math, the course of Math History would not start to grow by leaps and bounds until the boom of Greek society. Famous thinkers from Greece included Plato, Aristotle, and Archimedes, just to name a few. These mathematical experts looked at the further use of numbers and how they related to everyday life. As Greece was often considered to be the center of thought, the language of the country became familiar in many close regions, making it the de facto language for mathematics.

At the same time as these Near East developments were happening, scholars in the Far East were also learning about Math. Although there are few Math History texts from the earliest of times, Chinese mathematicians are thought to have discovered a completely different way to think about the subject. Using a decimal positional notation system, the idea of Mathematics in China was demonstrated by the seminal book, The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art, around the year of 180 A.D. The Indian Math History was also popular, focusing on how the subject could be used to explain astronomy.