Famous Mathematicians

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From time to time, Famous Mathematicians appear that completely revolutionize how the role of math is understood in the world. The Math Discoveries by these great men and women illustrate that way that the science of math can be used to describe and explain many mysteries of the world. The Famous Mathematicians have come from all times and their focus is usually indicated by their current age. For a student that is interested in math and is considering a career in this science, it is important to look at the works of these masters to fully understand the concepts that have built the foundation of modern mathematical thought.

In the beginning, the majority of the Famous Mathematicians came from ancient Egypt and Greece. As these were the centers of modern learning for the time, it makes sense that the cradle of knowledge bloomed in both of these locations. Perhaps the most known of these Famous Mathematicians was Euclid. In the 4th century B.C, this expert literally wrote the book of mathematical theory. His History of Mathematics was long considered the full authority when it comes to mathematical ideas and focused on the study of Euclidean geometry which has many real world uses. Another of the Famous Mathematicians to come from this area was Pythagoras. The best of his math discoveries was the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem and the idea of the relationship of numbers to life. His opinion was that all things in life were governed by numbers, a theory that created the learning community of the Pythagoreanism, which studied normal math in relation to music, botany, and other areas. Another classic thinker of the ancient times was Aristotle. While his main claim to fame came in the realm of philosophy, his writings concerning physics are still considered classics. He wrote about the science of motion as well as being responsible for the classic text on causality.

As mathematical thought moved into modern eras, the famous math experts were more concerned with other concepts. One example of this is the great Isaac Newton. Famously responsible for discovering gravity, Newton’s works have also been said to have moved forward the study of every branch of mathematics. In addition to his explanation of the law of gravity, Newton also created the three laws of motion. The explanation of these concepts successfully illustrated such baffling concepts as why the planet turns and how objects are able to travel through space. The most famous of the modern mathematicians is the world renowned Albert Einstein. His greatest work was clearly the general theories of relativity and special relativity, which set the base for future mathematicians to study the principles of light and outer space.