Geometry is handed down as a literal translation of earth measuring from the Greeks. Geometry is a form of math that deals with shapes and formulas to measure the density, areas and perimeters of these shapes as well. is here to help you with your geometry questions. There are actually several different forms of geometry. One form of geometry is plane geometry. This form of geometry has to do with things such as circles, lines and triangles. This type refers to shapes that you can actually draw flat on paper without any need for a dimension. Solid geometry refers to three dimensional shapes such as pyramids and even a sphere. Area formulas are different for various shapes. For example the area formulas for a square are l × l, which is one length of a side of the square multiplied by the adjacent length of the side of the square. Area formulas are used to measure the areas enclosed by a shape.

To find the perimeters of a shape you must use the specified perimeter formulas. The perimeter formulas simply state that you add all of the sides together. For instance to take a shortcut we may use exponents if all of the sides are the same. If you are looking for perimeter formulas for a circle it looks like this, 2(π)radius. If we have a rectangular shape that has two equal sides and two unequal sides your equation will look like this,a^2 b^2=c. A circle and a cylinder are two different instances of 3-D shapes. When working with volume formulas make sure that you always use the same units is your answer. Volume formulas are designed to tell you typically how many cubic units it will take to fill up your shape. One example of how one of these volume formulas may look is this, b*h =πr^2 h. This previously stated formula is the formula pertaining to a cylinder. Many shapes can actually be measured in various different ways to see what areas it covers, how mush it may be able to hold and plenty of other things. Believe it or not there are about four different ways to determine the measurements of a circle! Don’t be fooled by geometry. It is a fun practice that can be used in everyday life. Just think about how they make measuring cups that you cook with or the size of the engine that makes your car run!

All of these things are practices of this particular form of mathematics. If you would like to learn more about geometry and the study of shapes check out what has to offer. Here you will find an abundance of help with this subject as well as help with any other mathematical questions that you might have.