Dealing with mathematics in high school can be quite a daunting task, but if you are ready to put a little more effort in it you can easily get past this moment in your life. Mathematics and calculus in particular do not have to be as difficult as they seem, and this is why you can now get the help you need to pass your exams from On this page of you can read more about the sum rule in integration, and what this rule means when learning about integrals. Read on and find out what integrals are and why the sum rule in integration can help you solve integration problems and successfully pass your exams.

Integrals and integration, along with differentiation are the two main operations in calculus and one should know both of them if they want to be successful when the time of exams arrives. Here we will only discuss integration, in particular the sum rule in integration but one can find out more about differentiation on our other pages.

The sum rule allows one the possibility to calculate the integral of the sum of two functions. According to this rule in integration, the sum of two functions equals the sums of their integrals. This is in particular useful in the integration of sums and it is part of the linearity of integration. The rule applies to a definite and an indefinite integral at the same time.

In the end, as you may see, mathematics may be easy if you take it step by step and learn how to connect the dots. Everything in mathematics is linked to something else, and once you discover how to connect the various notions you have learned, you will be able to successfully pas your exams and enjoy the freedom of not having to study anymore for this subject unless you really want to.