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Arithmetic sounds like a pretty complicated word, right? However, for the kid who is counting his pocket money to find out how much candy he can buy, for the farmer counting his eggs, for the grandma that is following a recipe, for the teacher who is deciding how many color pencils to give her students so that they all have the same number, it is not. All these are examples of arithmetic at its best. As a matter of fact, arithmetics is basic mathematics and the first thing we learn in terms of numbers after counting. Every time you add, subtract, divide or multiply you are experiencing arithmetic at its best, not like the dreaded school subject, but just as an everyday skill that is so necessary for kids as well as for adults. At, the reader will find tons of information about the subject of arithmetic, with a special emphasis on how to make this subject fun for kids and easy to learn. In the last few years new strategies have been develop to approach this subject from am ore friendly perspective and new “learn-by-playing” teaching methods have gained more popularity and have shown great results in kids who use them; therefore, our site has decided to provide its readers with the best source of relevant and essential information related to arithmetic and techniques to learn easier, faster and better. In a computerized society such as ours, using a calculator can solve all the arithmetic operations that one would ever need to perform; however, learning such easy operations will enable people to operate at more complex levels in the sense that arithmetic can be seen as the basis of mathematics. has decided to take a leadership role in terms of giving readers the opportunity to learn not only about arithmetic, but to learn how to learn (and therefore teach) arithmetic by applying a series of tips, strategies and tricks that promise to change the way the reader has perceived this topic so far.

Why are we so sure that is the best source of information related to this topic? The answer to this question is rather simple, we have managed to compile the most interesting topics in the shape of well written short articles that focus on very specific topics and that put together, offer a large picture on the Arithmetic world. Through research, our website has developed and compiled interesting articles that are also very practical and not just theoretical and boring like most of the articles about arithmetic that you can find out there. Enjoy our selection of arithmetic subtopics and learn more about how to help your kids if they are struggling with this subject.

At you will find a whole article devoted to the topic of arithmetic for kids, in which a variety of tips that include games and fun activities to have them appreciate and enjoy learning about it. It has been proven that kids learn better by playing, and for sure if they are having fun they will do it more and more often. Also, specific game examples will be provided for the parent or teacher to use in order to teach their kids, tricks on how to exploit mental arithmetic to the fullest and more. Second, and like we just mentioned, a separate chapter has been included on the topic of mental arithmetic specially designed to clarify all the misunderstandings there are in terms of the mental arithmetic practice, which is mainly the sole use of the brain for arithmetic calculations without any additional assistance. If we take into account how important keeping your brain active is, we can clearly identify a cool mental exercise: doing calculations in your brain, starting with simple ones and increasing their difficulty as you progress. A very special article was written about the best way to understand arithmetic operations and arithmetic as a concept that will give you the basis for getting deeper in the subject. In addition to all that, the reader will find individual articles about arithmetic tricks, problems, practice and operations, and help.

Visit our website with the best selection of topics related to arithmetic, use us as a complement to enhance your children’s knowledge in this area and do better at school and life in general. is the best website to explore the dense world of arithmetic!